Body Treatments

Micro-Buff Body Polish

This creamy luxurious body polish is applied to the body with long, flowing, medium pressure strokes to soothe and exfoliate.  It is followed by another exfoliating pass of the body with mesh gloves. leaves your skin feeling smooth and nourished.  No shower is needed after this treatment!  Really!  Ideal for sensitive skin, this treatment stimulates circulation and lymphatic flow, lifts away dead skin cells, accelerates epidermal cell renewal, replenishes moisture, refines and softens skin.

$55/30 min

Salt Glow Exfoliation

A sea salt mixture is applied to your body to gently, but firmly exfoliate the dead skin cells.  A warm, private shower reveals smoother, more glowing skin!  (If your skin is sensitive, please do not shave your legs the day of the treatment.)

$55/30 min

Mud Body Wraps

Each of these three mousse-like Biotone Body wraps contain the nourshing, protecting and softening oils of Jojoba, Avocado, Peach and Sunflower.  They are applied with medium pressure, flowing massage technique (approximately 20 min), then you relax in a warm cocoon for approximately 20 min followed by a warm private shower and light moisturizing.  Simply Luxurious!  Choose from one of the following:

European Rose Mud Refines, Renews, Moisturizes

Black Baltic Detoxifies, Stimulates, Firms, Restores

Seaweed Firms, Stimulates, Smoothes, Revitalizes

$95/60 min

More Information on Biotone Body Wraps

Add a 15 minute Face & Scalp Massage while you are wrapped in any of the body wraps


Paraffin Treatment

Hands and/or feet are immersed in sleeves filled with warm paraffin wax, then wrapped in mitts or booties.  The soothing, healing heat of this treatment promotes relaxation and increases circulation.

Paraffin application with a 20 minute massage of hands or feet


Paraffin application only (no massage) of hands or feet