Massage Therapies

Relaxation "Pamper Me" Massage

With this full body massage all areas of the body receive equal treatment.  This relaxing, flowing massage relieves stress and provides pampering bliss.  Using light to medium pressure this massage increases circulation, lymphatic flow and overall well-being.

$80/45 min - $105/60 min - $155/90 min

Therapeutic Massage

While still relaxing, this more focused massage is designed to relieve muscles that are in spasm, reduce pain and increase range of motion.  It can be full body or focused on specific muscle groups.  Light to medium to firm pressure may be used as the client and muscles require to achieve the desired result.  Advanced massage techniques that may be used include compression, friction, trigger point therapy, directed energy, myofascial release, facilitated stretching, heat/ice therapy and isometrics.

$55/30 min - $80/ 45 min - $105/60 min - $155/90 min

Deep Tissue Massage

Our deep tissue massage is for those who want a deep pressure massage.  It can be full body or focused on specific areas of the body.

$60/30 min - $90/45 min - $115/60 min - $170/90 min

Sports Massage

Specifically tailored for pre- or post-event or during regular training.  Specific muscle/tendon groups are targeted during this massage.  Stretching and advanced techniques improve performance, relieve discomfort and promote healing of overused muscles.

$55/30 min - $80/ 45 min - $105/60 min - $155/90 min

Stretching Session

Want to feel and move as if you were 10 years younger?  Techniques of Facilitated stretching release tight muscles and boost energy.  Clients should wear loose fitting attire during session.

$55/30 min

Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones are strategically placed on and under the body and also used in the massage strokes.  The pressure and heat of the stones results in a deeper, yet relaxing massage.

$115/60 min - $140/75 min - $170/90 min

Pregnancy Massage

A relaxing massage targeting the special needs of the mother-to-be.   Special forms and/or pillows are used to provide support and comfort for mom and her babe.  A doctor's release is requested during the first trimester,of if there have been problems getting pregnant or problems during the pregnancy.

$80/ 45 min - $105/60 min - $155/90 min

More Information on Pregnancy or Infant Massage

Couples Massage

Drift away together with a Relaxation or Therapeutic Massage for two in the same room. Plan to arrive 15-30 minutes early to enjoy a complimentary sparkling beverage.

$180/45 min - $230/60 min - $330/90 min

Myofascial Release

A stretching of the body's tissue lining to release restrictions and enable more mobility.  Like un-tucking a too-tightly-tucked shirt allows for more movement, this treatment allows the body to become more fluid.

$55/30 min - $80/ 45 min - $105/60 min - $155/90 min

Lomi Lomi

Inspired by the ancient Hawaiian therapy, the long flowing strokes of this relaxing massage soothe away all your concerns.  Let your mind just drift away.

$105/60 min

Essential Oil Raindrop Therapy *

With Young Living® Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. More than a dozen therapeutic grade essential oils are applied along your spine from your sacrum to your neck to release amazing, timeless, healing power.  The hour treatment includes application/massage of oils all along the spine. the back and glutes.  Upgrade to a 90 minute treatment to include full body massage.  Most clients sleep very soundly the night after a treatment.  (Not available to pregnant or lactating women.)

$115/60 min - $165/90 min

Upgrade with Hot Stones, add $10

More Information on Young Living Essential Oils

Essential Oil Face, Neck & Scalp Massage *

A stress-reducing massage of the face, neck and scalp, includes application of Young Living® therapeutic grade essential oils as well as warm, steamy towels.  Choose from oils to either stimulate and Energize, strengthen the immune system or relax and calm.  Experience the ultimate in relaxation of the face and scalp.  (This treatment is available to pregnant or lactating women without the Essential Oil.)  One hour treatment includes warm towel application and massage of hands and feet.  

$60/30 min - $110/60 min

Thai Table Massage

While the client, dressed in loose clothing, is lying on a low table, the therapist uses slow, rhythmic compression and stretching of the muscles to relax and relieve tension.   Add this ancient massage tehcnique to your relaxation schedule.

$105/60 min - $155/90 min

Four-Handed Massage

The focused attention of two therapists working at the same time in different areas of the body allows the client to unfocus and release their stress and tension, escaping into a state of bliss.

$110/30 min - $160/45 min - $210/60 min


Add one of our Young Liiving® Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to any massage.  Choose from oil or blend from one of these categories of benefits: Energize/Invigorate, Strengthen the Immune System or Relax/Calm. 

add $5

CBD oil*

Add GreenGardenGold CBD oil product to your Massage to aid in pain relief and enhance relaxation. Choose from vanilla scented saive or menthol lotion. (made from Hemp; contains 0% THC).

add $10 (introductory price)

 *Not available to pregnant or lactating women.