Pregnancy Services

The staff at The Spa at II Creeks can aid in your procreation journey by helping your body to "remember" how to relax, so that it can function as it should, even helping you relax during labor.  The major benefits of massage are inducing a state of relaxation and stress reduction.  Stress reduction and relaxation can aid in becoming pregnant.   They also help during pregnancy, both for the mom and babe, to mimimize harmful stress toxins and aiding the physiological functions to perform better. 

To schedule a massage during the first trimester of your pregnancy or if you have experienced problems getting pregnant or during the pregnancy, we ask that you bring in or have your doctor send a release.

Massage performed postpartum can aid in cleansing lactic acid and medication from tissues, aid the physiological functions to perform better and in helping your body to naturally realign structural stresses from labor.

Pregnancy Massage

A relaxing massage targeting the special needs of the mother-to-be.   Special forms and/or pillows are used to provide support and comfort for mom and her babe.  A doctor's release is requested during the first trimester, if there have been problems getting pregnant or problems during the pregnancy.

$80/45 min - $105/60 min - $155/90 min

European Facial

The European Facial is a perfect "first" facial to let your skin and your skin care specialist get to know each other.  It is also perfect for those who want a professional facial to help maintain their normal skin in its healthy condition.  This facial cleanses, tones, rebelances and reduces tension in your face, leaving your feeling and looking better.  It also can include a luxirious hand, arm and scalp massage and/or extractions.

$105 /60 min


Essential elements of our European Facial that meet your particular needs.  In additional to deep cleansing it can focus on either pampering, extractions or skin analysis.

$60/30 min

Manicures & Pedicures (especially pedicures!) can be wonderful during pregnancy.

We recommend a combination of the II Creeks Spa Pedicure & Essential Manicure for $90.

Hair Removal can be tricky as the pregnancy progresses.  Our Estheticians will take great care with attention to sensitivity and individual needs.

"Mother to Be" Stress Relief Package

An hour Pregnancy Massage with either a 30 minute Face, Neck & Scalp Massage OR a Mini-Facial.  Whatever your cause of tension, let this therapeutic package wash it away.

$165/90 min

"Mother to Be" Face & Body Package

One of our most popular packages!  Treat yourself to a 60 minute Pregnancy Massage paired with an hour European Facial.  Sheer Bliss!

$210/120 min

"Mother to Be" Works Package

Three hours of treatment includes a 60 minute Pregnancy Massage, an hour European Facial and an hour II Creeks Spa Pedicure.  A great way to treat "Mother to Be" to the best of the Spa!  

$275/3.5 hours

"Mother to Be" Ultimate Works Package

Completely pamper your "Mother to Be" with a 90 minute Pregnancy Massage, a 90 minute II Creeks Signature Facelift and a 90 minute II Creeks Ultimate Pedicure.  Includes a light lunch between services.

$440/5 hours

Newborn Massage

With our Newborn Massage, the therapist will show the parent or parents how to massage their infant to provide pleasure and calming. 

$20/15 min

A 15 minute CranioSacral Therapy Session for Newborns helps to release stresses from delivery.

$20/15 min