Men's Services

While men enjoy many of our standard services, the following are some of our most popular with our male clients ...

In addition, we suggest the following ...

Men's Stress Relief Package

An hour of Therapeutic Massage with 30 minuteEssential Oil Face, Neck & Scalp Massage.  This treatment uses warm, steamy towels and massages away the tension in your body, face and scalp.  Whatever your cause of tension, let this therapeutic package wash it away.

$165/90 min

Golfer's Package

An hour Therapeutic Massage coupled with 20 minutes Stretching Session.  Great way to improve your "game" and relax at the same time. 

$140/80 min

Sauna Massage Package

Start with a 15 minute Infrared Dry Sauna session to relax your muscles for the following hour Therapeutic Massage.  Great way to release "weekend warrior" tensions.

$120/75 min

Men's Face & Body Package

A Men's European Facial to deep cleanse, tone, rebalance and reduce tension in your face followed by an hour Therapeutic Massage.  Feel like a new man!

$210/120 min

Men's De-Stress/Re-Charge Package

Includes an hour athlete's Sports Massage or Therapeutic Massage, a 30 minute Men's Facial to deep cleanse and focus on either pampering, skin analysis and recommedations or extractions and completes with an Executive Manicure & Pedicure with cuticle and nail attention and buff of nails.  Leave less stressed and invigorated - ready to reenter your life!

$235/150 min

Men's Facial

Our relaxing Men's Facial uses products formulated for the specific needs of men.  This facial deep cleanses, tones, rebalances and reduces tension in your face, leaving you feeling and looking better.  It begins with a double cleansing while your face is being gently steamed to open your pores.  It continues with a gentle exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.  As the Esthetician analyzes your skin, she will etract any impurities which may be trapped in your pores.  She will apply a toner, mud mask and moisturizer that are selected for your specific skin type.

$105/60 min

Just Eyes

Awaken your eyes with this nurturing experience.  botanical ingredients, lymphatic massage and a collage masque diminish the affects of fatigue, sun exposure and squinting during this relaxing treatment.  See the reduction in puffiness, fine lines and dark circles.

$60/30 min

Add-on to Facial $40

Series of Six Sessions $300

Back Facial

A facial for the back, this is a great way to get that "hard to attend to" area cleansed, exfoliated and nourished.  A relaxing massage of the back and hands is included.

$105/60 min

Executive Manicure or Pedicure

Focusing on cuticle attention and nail shaping this treatment concludes with a buff that leaves the nails looking "well groomed".

$35/30 min

Waxing - Hair Removal

Waxing time depends on the amount of hair and the sensitivity of the client.  For that reason our prices start as listed below, but may vary depending on each client's individual needs.  For best results, hair should be approximately 1/4" long.

  • Brows         $25

  • Back           $65 & up

  • Chest          $65 & up

  • Underarms  $25 & up