SPA Packages

The Spa at II Creeks can put together a customized package of any combination of our services.  Some of our more popular ones follow:

Face & Scalp Massage  

A slow, gentle massage of the face, neck, and scalp to relieve stress and tension.  Great for headache relief and general relaxation. 

$55/30 min 

Computer Junkie Relief 

A therapeutic massage of neck, shoulders, arms and hands to relieve the tension build-up caused by continued computer use.

$55/30 min

Head & Toes

A treat for those who like to stay dressed!  A massage of the face, neck, scalp and feet.  Includes warm towels.  Melt your stress away … 

$80/45 min

Sauna Massage Package  

Start with a 15 minute Infrared Dry Sauna session to relax your muscles for the following hour relaxation or therapeutic massage. 

$120/75 min

Relaxation Package

An hour of aromatherapy relaxation massage coupled with a 20 min relaxing face & scalp massage.  Will leave you relaxed and refreshed. 

$140/80 min

Pamper Me Package

A relaxing hour of aromatherapy “Pamper Me” massage coupled with a 30 min Essential Oil Face, Neck & Scalp Massage or a 30 min Mini-Facial.  Total pamperingto escape from daily stresses.

$165/90 min

Stress Relief Package 

An hour of therapeutic massage with 30 min Essential Oil Face, Neck & Scalp Massage or 30 min Mini-Facial.  Whatever your cause of tension, let this therapeutic package wash it away.

$165/90 min

Face & Toes Package

Pamper yourself with an hour European Facial coupled with an hour II Creeks Spa Pedicure.  Renewed face and feet put a smile on your face and a lift in your step!

$170/120 min

Face & Body Package  

One of our most popular packages!  Treat yourself to an hour relaxation or therapeutic massage paired with an hour European facial.  Sheer Bliss! 

$210/120 min

Couple Massage Package

A 60 min relaxation or therapeutic massage is provided to the couple by two members of our staff at the same time in the same room.  Arrive early to receive a complimentary glass of sparkling beverage for each. 

$230/60 min

Add side-by-side Spa Pedicures for the Couple's Romance Package $360/120 min

Ultimate Relaxation Package 

Experience the ancient benefits of Raindrop Therapy followed by a 60 min Therapeutic Massage.  The therapeutic grade essential oils relax your body to the core.  Sleep like a baby that night!

$220/120 min

…  begin with a 15 min Infrared Day Sauna session, opening your pores to better accept the essential oils        add $15

The Works

Enjoy one of our most popular packages: a 60 minute Relaxation or Therapeutic Massage, a 60 min European Facial and a 60 min II Creeks Spa Pedicure.   A great way to treat yourself or someone you care for to the best of the spa. 

$275/3.5 hrs

Ultimate Works Package

Experience an ultimate spa day with our 90 minute Therapeutic Massage to relieve tense muscles, a 90 minute Signature FaceLift to rejuvenate and renew and a 90 minute Ultimate Pedicure to free you from life’s cares!  Includes a light snack.  

$440/5 hrs

Total Body Renewal 

Rejuvenate your entire body from the outside in.  Begin with a LALICIOUS® sugar scrub Body Exfoliation, continue with your choice of luxurious epicuren® Body Wraps (including 20 min face and scalp massage or foot massage, followed by a warm private shower, ending with an hour full body massage.  You will be totally relaxed, refreshed, renewed. 

$345/3 hrs

…  upgrade to 90 min massage, add $50

…  upgrade to Hot Stone Massage, add $10

…  add Mini-Facial, add $60

A “Day” of Pampering

Begin with a LALICIOUS® sugar scrub Body Exfoliation, followed by your choice of luxurious epicuren® Body Wrap (with face and scalp or foot massage) and a 90 min Therapeutic Massage. Conclude with either a 30 minute Essential Oil Face, Neck and Scalp Massage or Mini-Facial.  A light snack is provided.  Need a real treat for yourself or someone special?  This is it!

$470 4-4.5 hrs

… upgrade to Hot Stone Massage, add $15

… upgrade to European Facial, add $40

Ultimate Day of Pampering

Start with a 15 min Pre-Massage Infrared Dry Sauna session, followed by a LALICIOUS® sugar scrub Body Exfoliation, your choice of luxurious epicuren® Body Wraps (including a face & scalp or foot massage), a 90 min Therapeutic Massage with Aromatherapy.  Continue with a 90 min II Creeks Signature Facial, a II Creeks Spa Manicure and II Creeks Spa Pedicure.  A light snack is included. 

$730/8 hrs