Infrared Dry Sauna

For the true Spa experience, schedule a session in our Infrared Dry Sauna.

Our private, individual dry saunas offer several therapies:  Infrared light, Chromotherapy, heat therapy and aromatherapy.  Relax while your muscles and organs absorb the deep penetrating, healing benefits of Infrared Therapy.   Explore the benefits of Color Therapy.

Clients wear their own bathing suit, loose fitting clothes or a Spa wrap.

Infrared Dry Sauna Therapy should not be used by persons who are taking some medications and/or have some medical conditions.  Please see Contraindications.

Please see information regarding Infrared Dry Sauna and Weight Loss.

Pre-Massage Warming Session

Spend between 15 to 30 minutes in our private infrared Dry Sauna to relax and unwind prior to your massage, facial or spa treatment.  Your muscles are warmed and your tension begins to evaporate, so you get the very most out of your massage, facial or spa treatment.

$15/15 min - $30/30 min

Post-Massage Detoxification

Complete your massage or spa treatment by finishing with 15 to 30 minutes in our private Infrared Dry Sauna to increase your circulation and release toxins.  A great finish for Deep Tissue Massage,  Therapeutic Massage or Lymphatic Treatment.

$15/15 min - $30/30 min

Stand Alone Infrared Dry Sauna Session

Experience the benefits of being surrounded by our warm private Infrared Dry Sauna.  Relax, listen to soothing music and let the sauna warm you to the core, releasing toxins and tension.  Towel wraps (provided), bathing suit or workout attire required.  Finish with a quick cooling shower.

$15/15 min - $30/30 min